"Communication is the exchange of information through different mediums."


Communication is the exchange of information through different mediums.

It is an activity that started before the civilization of human beings however over the period of time as technology advanced accordingly different modes of communication also developed including telecommunication and wireless communication.

Telecommunication is a technique of transmission of information from one location to another by electromagnetic means.

Different types of information can be transferred through telecommunication systems, such as voice, text, and pictures.

Wireless communications is a technique of transmitting the information or power between two or more points, which are actually not connected with the physical wire or conductor.

The most common wireless technology uses “radio waves”

Communication technology becomes more developed in this world every single day.

Technology has increased the number of ways we communicate and increased the pace at which we live our lives.

Without technology, the current world would not be the same.

Technology impacts our means of connection in many ways essentially providing people with methods that allow them to communicate, the upcoming of social media, and the advances in technological travel.

For instance, technology allowed people to expand the way they contact and reach the people they choose.

Furthermore, there is an abundance of social websites and applications in which people interact, communicate, and connect differently.

The communication technology is here facilitating the cost-cutting strategies in the field of medicine, from diagnosis to the final healing stages.

It is not surprising to mention that doctors and other medical practitioners today can diagnose and prescribe drugs through social media like Facebook, Twitter, and skype.



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