"Involving SAASTA to provide schools with necessary infrastructure including well-equipped libraries and laboratories."


Engaging Namakwa land youth in science and technology can bring changes in developing their community.

Science and technology encourage and help to equip the youth with relevant knowledge and skills that will enable them to address the challenges of life in their community.

Building youth centers that have computers, books, and free internet to access more information about science and technology.

Having youth science programs around Namakwa land that teach and train youth about how they can use science and technology to change their lives around them.

Giving youth opportunity in sports and recreation to participate in sports science, including bio-kinetics, physiotherapy, and sports injury treatment to ensure youth are brought up and live in an environment that is conducive and make healthy choices.

Guiding youth to help them to understand that all visions and ideas take time to make sure they are realistic and well thought through.

Help them to know that there are different stages to a project and the first stage is having an idea but there are many stages after that.

This will help them understand the full process and not get stuck on one idea.

Involving South Africa Agency for Science and Technology Advancement (SAASTA) to provide schools with necessary infrastructure including well-equipped libraries, laboratories, and science week programs will help youth to be involved in meaningful activities that benefit them.

However Namakwa land has beautiful wildflowers during spring and its wealth of minerals and cultural history, there should be adequate awareness using websites of their own to promote their assets to tourists.

Additionally, it becomes obvious that empowerment strategies to involve youth in science and technology help with relevant knowledge and skills that will certainly impact positively on sustainable development in the society.

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