"The new technology is designed to make our lives easier but also put our lives in danger"


Living in the modern world that involves technology that grows faster every day negatively affects the environment by compromising human health and safety, endangering natural ecosystem and biodiversity, having a cumulative impact on global systems, and depleting natural resources as we all know too much of something can be harmful.

Technology is defined as the procedures of using and crafting substances and materials changing them with different applications making the highest use of natural resources to meet the requirements of humans.

The new technology is designed to make our lives easier but also put our lives in danger, new technology made damage to humans to inhale dangerous chemicals in air pollution, contamination of water and food sources, and risk of infection and diseases through exposure to toxic wastes.

Greenhouse gases affect the atmosphere and whether a system, causing global warming and chlorofluorocarbons that deplete the earth’s ozone layer.

New technology consumes resources that are not necessarily renewable, including living resources such as forests and population of fish and inanimate resources, such as natural chemicals and minerals.

However, using new technology is not the main problem.

What seems to be the issue today is our dependence on technological devices that are often not truly necessary, or that we consume much more quickly or more often than we need.

Technology is the reason why the environment is oriented towards mass consumption of goods, the main thing is it depends on us, that how we use technology it is in our hands-on how we can save our environment from the bad effects of the excessive usage new technology we can limit the usage of technology to save our environment.

We lost touch with our planet we forget that we need it, and we should be taking care of it, if we abuse it we will eventually lose our right to live here.

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