"In November 2007, South Africa launched its first nanotechnology innovation center."



Nanotechnology is the development of atoms in a certain object.  Nanotechnology has become very popular in the past few years.

It is a way to rebuild the systems of life. To make systems move faster than ever before. A nanometer is about 10 times the size of an atom.

In November 2007, South Africa launched its first nanotechnology innovation center.

Being a developing nation, South Africa had a lot to gain from pursuing nanotechnology in 2008, significant investment and research were provided for nanotechnology.

One example was the launch of the International La Villette nanotechnology exhibition at the Sci-Bono Discovery Centre in Newtown, Johannesburg.

The event was a partnership between the Department of Science and Technology (DST), France, and the Sci-Bono Discovery Centre.

According to Joseph Andersen’s Guide to Physics, nanotechnology is defined as the development and use of devices that have a size of only a few nanometers.

Research has been carried out into very small components many of which depend on quantum effect and many involve movement of a very small number of electrons in their action. Such devices would act faster than larger components.

Nanotechnology is the development of devices that build our computer systems and aid in our everyday lives. Throughout the years, the technology available has increased drastically.

Technology has evolved from the things that were once seen as unbelievable and mindboggling, to common everyday devices and some of which are now a part of us

As we have increased our ability to use these devices, the developments and progress in artificial intelligence and molecular technology have created a new form of technology which is nanotechnology.

There are many different areas of nanotechnology including medicine, memory-shape alloys, Nanorobots, self-cleaning paint and glass, Nano fabrics, and many more.

The possibilities seem endless, as nanotechnology evolves into our civilization ever so swiftly.

Nanotechnology combines science and technology in an overall effort to create robots so small that they have the capabilities of rearranging all atomic structures into any form.

Basically, nanotechnology is the total control over the structure of matter. It seems impossible to imagine that such technology could ever exist.

That we as the human race can create machines that could be designed to cure a common cold, rid the body of cancer cells, or re-establish endangered species. Yet, as science progresses these ideas are becoming real.



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