Roles of mountains and flowers in Namaqualand to create a tourism place

"Locals can actually make a living from tourism based on the flowering desert and mountain hiking."


Mountains are really very beautiful and refreshing landscapes to look at.

Namaqualand is surrounded by beautiful mountains that can contribute a lot, especially in our economy when people of Namaqualand engage and work together to create their land to be an active tourism place.

Locals can actually make a living from tourism based on the flowering desert and mountain hiking.

Mountains play a big role to create value in humans, the altitude and scenery at the mountains in Namaqualand can provide various opportunities for recreational purposes.

Mountaineering and various recreational sports are offered by the mountains.

Besides providing recreation, mountains in many traditions bring the history of people that lived in that place like here in Namaqualand this beautiful land has such a rich history that anyone can benefit from it is populated by the KhoiKhoi people who crated authentic rock paintings and drawings.

When the tourists are tired and stressed about city life they are able to come here to Namaqualand to enjoy the beauty of its nature, gets rejuvenated with the freshness of mountains and the beautiful view of different kinds of flowers around mountains.

Mountains and flowers have been encouraging human beings to hold their head high no matter what the situation is.

They are not just the physical landscape, but an important defining factor for the temperature of a region as well, every year around August and October its flower season.

The natural landscape is full of different kinds of flowers that make Namaqualand look so beautiful and attractive to tourists.

Therefore, the society of Namaqualand must recognize their responsibility towards this legacy of nature and keep them as scenic pure as they found them.

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