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The South African Human rights Commission Representative Buyisile July advocate and research consultant at the SA Human Rights Commission in the Northern Cape informed the community about their human rights.

July explained that the commission is one of the six state institutions that were established to strengthen the constitutional democracy in South Africa, the mandate of the commission is to promote, protect, and monitor the observance of human rights.

He added that the commission must educate and raise awareness to promote the respect of human rights throughout the country. He explained the human rights bill of rights and that these rights apply equally regardless of age, sex, race, gender, ethnicity, wealth, or social status.

The commission has the jurisdiction to conduct an investigation when a complaint is lodged when a person feels that their rights have been violated.

The commission also monitors the media and different social platforms for complaints; they have recruited human rights champions in communities so that they can alert the commission about any human rights violation incident.

He also informed the listeners that any person can lay a complaint which is acting on his or her own behalf or who is acting on behalf of another person who cannot defend themselves or acting as a member of a group or in the public interest and lastly any association or organization that is acting in the interest of their members.

He also explained how to go about lodging a complaint; it can be done in person at any of the provincial offices, in writing, or on the South African human rights commission @ website

A complaint must be lodged in the same province where the violation took place.

The commission can be reached by contacting the provincial manager in the Northern Cape who is advocate Chantal Williams, physical address 45 Mark and Scott Road Ancorley building in Upington, her email address

Contact number 054 332 3993 cell 079 439 5557 (Chantel Williams)

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