Shortage of teachers causes a stir in the Namakwa District


A shortage of teachers in the Namakwa District schools has affected learning as other grades have been without teachers. The outcry has pointed out that a grade in one of the schools in the district has been without an educator for a period of almost 3 years.
The struggle has evoked the community whereby parents and learners embarked on a demonstration at a local department to ensure that their children receive maximum quality and suitable teaching. The protest seemed progressive as it resulted in a temporary additional educator being appointed for the school.
During an interview on Radio NFM, Lehuma Ntuane ,Head of Communications at the Department of Education in Northern Cape clarified the matter and alluded that they are aware of the situation in the district. As a result, the district has engaged with the department and 8 additional educator posts were allocated this year.

He also noted that the issue with the 3 year challenge the school faced may be due to the fact that although they may have applied for an additional post, their application at that time was not warranted for not meeting the criteria for allocating additional educators.

“The criteria are that when a school makes an application for an additional post from the Department of Education, the number of registered learners, grades and curriculum needs of the school play a vital role. The schools also need demonstrate and ensure the department that they need a post for an additional educator. That will determine if the need for an additional post is warranted or not,” he expressed.

In his final remarks, Lehuma slashed rumors that the government does not have enough budget to create additional posts and pledged with the community that they should let the department carry the responsibility. “Teaching and learning is primary to us, and there’s always available budget to allocate teachers as long as the schools meet the required quality assurance monitored by the district. We are appealing to members of the community to give us the freedom and latitude to manage the schools in what they need. We know that it is our core business in terms of our constitution to ensure that all learners at schools are given full availability of teachers,” he said.








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