The Department of Education launched one of its innovations in an effort to modernize its education system and provide solutions toward being responsive to the demands of the fourth industrial revolution.

The MEC for Education, Mr. Zolile Monakali officially opened the Cyberlab at Noupoort Combined School, which is part of ten (10) Cyber labs the Northern Cape Department of Education has delivered to the Province, in their quest to harness and sharpen the knowledge, skills, and competencies, required by the fourth industrial revolution.

These Cyber labs are unique as they are the house of four zones that represent the economic drivers of the Northern Cape, which are Mining, Agriculture, Astronomy, and solar energy. Learners will be able to navigate various dimensions of each zone via giant multi-touch high-resolution screens, watch 3D animations, take virtual tours, and engage with interactive content and simulations, giving them continued career guidance and stimulations for innovation long-life learning.

Cyber labs are spaces designed for learners providing them with explorative hardware and software which are exciting and meaningful. The Cyber labs also house augmented reality posters, digital tablets, and virtual reality headsets which enable learners to create an environment with a sense of presence.

It has the power to turn abstract concepts into visual and experiential learning experiences without learners having to leave the Cyberlab. The software engages the senses and allows experiential learning that would be difficult to duplicate under the confines of a regular classroom.

It should be mentioned that the software of the Cyber labs is equipped with complete functions offline, meaning that educators and learners will have access to all electronic learning materials without any data or internet access requirements. All 10 Cyber labs are operating completely offline at a zero data cost to the department.

The MEC during his address highlighted that “it is also my observation that these rich imaginative Cyber labs do not only provide a space for academic learning but also foster interactive collaborative learning where teachers and children depend and trust one another whilst finding solutions to problems.

Besides also developing key competencies such as a sense of precision, accuracy, and efficiency during these collaborative learning experiences, the labs provide for the promotion and teamwork, respect, and patience which you will agree are important life skills in every aspect of life.

The possibilities are endless Cyber labs promise engaging and immersive learning experiences. The Department said, “they will continue to engage with their stakeholders to pursue similar initiatives in order to realize the vision of a modern, growing, and successful province”.

Karabelo Moncho

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