The Department of Health in the Northern Cape has reported 52 cased of Rubella (German measles) outbreak in the Pixley Ka Seme district on the 15 November 2023.

“ fifty-two cases confirmed so far Phillipstown (22), Hopetown (17) and thirteen in De Aar” said the media statement. 

The provincial department of education halted classes at Phillipsvale Primary School following the measles outbreak. The virus has disrupted the schools schedule as learners are advised to quarantine for days. 

“in agreement with health, schools will be closed five days to allow for fumigation and prevent spread of the virus” said the statement. Adding, the local Masibambane Clinic has recorded 26 cases of German measles.

According to the department of health, Rubella is common in minors getting infected through direct or droplet contact from the mouth. Adults can also contaminated and be passed on from the pregnant women to their unborn infants through bloodstream. 

“The infection has average incubation period of 17 days. Infected person shed the virus from seven days after the onset symptoms”.

The contagious virus symptoms are mild fever, headache, runny nose, red eye, pink rush that begins on the face and neck, aching joints, and tender lymph nodes at the base of the skull. 

The department said there is no specific treatment for the condition, but symptoms can be treated with medication. Parents and guardians are advised to go to their nearest health facility if they recognize the symptoms.

The Frances Baard, John Taolo Gaetsewe, Namakwa and ZF Mgcawu district municipalities have not yet reported any cases. 

The District office had plan in order for school to implement academic recovery. According to the department, they want to prevent disappointing results due to poor academic performance which have been negatively affected. 

In 2022, the Northern Cape obtained a pass rate of 74.2%, taking the seventh spot nationally. 

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