The illegal mine hustlers continue to be arrested with no fruitful prosecution verdict.

The South African Police Service in the Northern Cape arrested 46 persons for trespassing, undocumented immigrants and possession of suspected uncut diamonds in Kleinzee area between 7 and 13 November 2023.


Having that it is no longer shocking news, the provincial police describe the continuous activity being a threat to the local and national economy.


“Illegal mining is becoming an increasing risk to the sustainability of the mining industry in the Namaqua district in the Northern Cape” said Sergeant Timothy Sam.

He added the police retrieved materials used to conduct the illegal activity “The police crime prevention stop and search actions resulted in the confiscation of numerous illegal mining implements such as, spades, pick axes, bags containing suspected diamond bearing gravel, suspected uncut diamonds, hammers and sieves”.


The police promise to continue to monitor the situation in order to curb illicit mining as promised at the previous month when conducted large arrests.


The Kleinzee community members hope by sighting promising change to illegal mining was minced two month ago. The SAPS arrested 867 illegal miners during an intelligence driven operation in the Namaqua District.

The detainees appeared in various magistrate courts within the district and transferred to holding facilities.

All rock action witness went south as the numerous miners were seen back on the streets. Kleinzee residences were fuming and disappointed by the Department of Home Affairs and National Prosecution Authority.


To date, more than 50 injuries and fatalities of illegal miners are reported. This was due to being trapped underground and collapsed tunnel at AK64 Kleinzee Mining Holding and Tweepad Mining area.

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