Words of comfort are continuing following the recent horror death of a minor at Matjieskloof, Springbok.
The alleged foster child age of twelve, on the 14 November 2023 late at night got electrocuted at the local funeral parlor while playing with his peers.

According to the Nama-Khoi local municipality media statement, the children were having fun at the exclusive estate.
“a 12-year-old boy, while playing with a friend on a private property, was shocked and succumbed to his injuries”.

The deceased child is said to have been under the care of his aunt and relatives. 

According to a source, the child was a frequent visitor at the Matjieskloof local funeral parlor and the parlors personnel were present at the time when the tragedy occurred.

Sergeant Timothy Sam said the Springbok police will gaze into negligence having allegations that there were employees at the property.  

The municipality when responded to the scene, they identified that there was a ground leak at the site and it caused electrical flow.
“A full investigation is underway to determine the full extent of the situation, and further information will be made available in due course,” said the statement.

Sam said that the local police are conducting an investigation to an inquest case.

The LC Funeral is yet to comment pertaining the incident.

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